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Email Marketing

Whether you are just starting your business or you have established your brand, our creative multi-channel campaigns will help you to reach your people where they are.

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We are creating weekly based loops with your offers, weekly lunches, new recipes, events, ad campaigns or anything you want to communicate with your people.
We cover one email campaign per week which includes up to three subjects.


Make your brand’s message travel faster with RestoMetrix powerful targeting options and reach new people across the web and social media.

Retarget and bring back site visitors while they are browsing on social channels or the web.


Create personal connections. Stay in touch with your audience to grow relationships and your business.

Signup forms and Pop-ups

Grow your audience list with custom signup forms.
We add a customizable form to your site’s sidebar, footer, or anywhere you’d like.
Grab the attention of visitors with a form that pops up when and where you want.
We post a form on your Facebook page so people can sign up from any device.

Social Media Management

We are helping you to use your social media as a tool, as a vehicle to promote your products and grow your business with consistently targeted ad campaigns.

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Social Media is a platform of attention. Everybody is trying to get more likes and followers.
The fact is that even if you have many followers and likes on your pages, it doesn’t guarantee that it will bring more sales to your business.

Our Social Media strategy is a conversion mechanism.
We are converting followers into sales.

To do that we are following the three basic rules of success.

Find out where your potential customers are.

We are using the SEO on your website with the keywords and key phrases that are connected with your company.

For example, with the key phrase “fish restaurant in Mallorca”, we can find from which country or even city in Europe people are searching for products you are selling.

Get in front and beat up the competition.

We are creating targeted ad campaigns, European and local.

We focus on the people who are interested in products and services similar to those you are offering.

When people search for products the same as yours in google or in social media around your area, soon they will see your ad.

Potential customers will see your business first.

We cover one ad campaign per week which includes only one subject.

Sell them something.

The only purpose to be on social media is to bring sales.
Make it clear why you are out there.

We will get you into a position to sell more.

Your products and services will be on the first line of the ad campaigns.
Not as a purpose to get some likes but to bring you sales.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy helps your business to have clear goals when it comes to marketing.
A solid strategy gives you a clear path forward, and your customers a clear path to you.

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We have a clear plan for how your business will define, create, and share your brand with customers.

Our Brand Strategy can help you to set your business ahead of the competition, and increase customer loyalty.

Analyzing your customer’s needs and desires.

Understanding your customer’s values will help you appeal to them with ease.

We gather customer data to use in the creation of our strategy. Tools like SEO and Audience Analytics can give you valuable information on customer demographics and behavior.

Finding out what your customers already care about and pulling your business up alongside those ideals can help raise your worth in the eyes of your customers.

Brands that focus on what customers need and want, customer-centric brands, are more successful.

Aligning yourself with your customers’ values is a key to success.

Brand Identity Kit

The Brand Identity Kit includes all the important aspects of your brand.

Colors, fonts, logo variations, visuals, and brand message.

It set the rules for social media interaction and company message. When a content creator needs to make something new, they use the brand identity kit as a set of visual rules.

We are not creating a logo for your company. We are using your existing logo as a guide.

Search Engine Optimization

The RestoMetrix™ SEO is increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, by increasing the visibility of your website to the European users of the web search engines.

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Out of the box, in RestoMetrix we are designing perfectly optimized websites. The basic setup provides a strong foundation, extensive customization, and theme optimization. That’s the technical part.

Even though there’s much more that you can do to improve your performance, but it takes time and effort.

We are providing the tactics and best practices to help you improve your rankings, gain more subscribers or sales, local but also in all of Europe.

Keywords and keyphrases

We are setting up your keywords and keyphrases for High-Racking in Search Engines. The setup is in your language and in English, the common language in search engine machines.

Pages meta description

We are optimizing your pages meta description. A meta description is a description of your page in the search engine results, usually below your page title.

A correct meta description is your opportunity to impress and can encourage users to click on your results in the search engine, even if you are not necessarily ranking in the top position.

Images and media content

We are optimizing your images and media content. We’ll make sure that search engines can understand your images, by adding a short description and format your files.

We are working hard and using the highest technology, to make your business visible in your country but also in all of Europe.

Audience Analytics

Get to know exactly how people find and use your website with Google Analytics. Use the statistics to bust your traffic and sales.

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Understand your website visitors.

With the analytics, you can see useful information about your visitors right inside your website dashboard.

The Audience Report shows you which country your visitors are from, what are they most interested in, which device are they using, their age, gender, and a whole lot more.

You can use these insights to improve your overall web strategy.

See Exactly How People Find & Use Your Website

Want to see what’s working on your website and what’s not?

We are using the MonsterInsights software to help you with that. It is the best Google Analytics software in the market.

MonsterInsights Behavior Report shows you exactly how people find your website, which keywords did they search for, who referred them, what did they click on your site, and more.

See All Your Important Sales Metrics in One Place

Get answers to all your questions about online sales from a single report.

Our Analytics shows you important sales metrics like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top referral sources, and more.

You can use these insights to increase your sales & revenue.

Real-time Stats

Get real-time stats right inside your dashboard to see who is online, what they are doing, and more.

We make Google Analytics EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly) and other privacy regulations.

Unlock your website behavior report with the MonsterInsights.


Copywriting is the art of strategically delivering words that get people to take some form of action. We create a professional content and you save a bunch of time.
Take Action and Grow Faster.

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You realize how powerful a well-written copy is when it comes to getting people to buy a product or to do something.

You want your website, Emails, ad campaigns and articles to have the power to attract people’s attention.
To build a desire around what you are talking about.


When we are designing websites we are writing some basic headlines and the content is written by the client.

With the copywriting feature, you will get professional content according to your wishes.

The copywriting is in the English language.
It will be translated into your language with our AI Translator. For further, more detailing and correcting translation you have the responsibility to do it.


We are creating weekly articles for your Newsfeed or your Blog according to your Brand Strategy.
You give us the subject and we’ll write an article about it. 

We cover one article per week which includes up to three subjects.

Automatically RestoMetrix posting the articles on your Social Media pages.

The articles are written in the English language.
It will be translated into your language with our AI Translator. For further, more detailing and correcting translation you have the responsibility to do it.

Ad Campaigns

Win time and gain revenue. We are taking care of your ad campaigns.

Send us the pictures and description and we’ll create the message according to your Brand Strategy.

We cover one ad campaign per week.



  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization



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  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Audience Analytics



Prices exclude VAT



  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Audience Analytics
  • Brand Design
  • Copywriting & Strategy



Prices exclude VAT


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