Introducing the Rotary! The Best Workflow Management System.

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Management System

What is RestoMetrix™ Rotary really, and what makes it the Best Working Shifts Management tool?

Put it simply, if you are looking for a great Working Shifts Management System that is User-friendly with automatic employees’ details installation and Staff Cost control, then The RestoMetrix™ Rotary is a great solution for you.

For the 2020 edition, we have added some new features along with the already well known RestoMetrix™ Rotary characteristics.

This gives our customers an easy way to organize their employees’ schedules according to their needs and their sales forecasts.

The workflow management is one of the most critical tasks of your business. The RestoMetrix™ Management System helps you to take the right decisions.

There are many parameters you need to keep in mind to make the schedule fair for the employees, but at the same time efficient and profitable for your restaurant.

Through our years of experience, the RestoMetrix Team presents you with the 2020 edition, the updated Rotary.

It’s built with a focus on the necessary automated functions and tools in order to make your working life easier and more efficient.

All the editions of the RestoMetrix™ Management System, the Essentials, Professional, and Premium, includes the Rotary and its features.

Have a free live trial with the RestoMetrix™ Premium-21 Demo in real action.

With the Rotary you will always have the right number of people in the right position



We make sure that we offer you all that you need to win time and money because you will:

  • Reduce the time you spent on planning and the payroll calculation.
  • Avoid unnecessary working hours and the costs that arise when the shift work plans are made to comply with your economic targets.
  • Enhance customer service when you have the right number of people at work at the right time.


User-friendly workflow management system

After hundreds of hours of user analysis, we have transformed the RestoMetrix™ Rotary Working Shifts Management System into the minimum user-effort tool.

With modern design and automated functions, it can be easily used by everyone, even those who are not masters in computers.



You don’t even need to write the names of your employees on the Rotary!

Once you add the employee’s information on the Info page, those are automatically loaded in the Rotary for all the weeks of the year.


Staff Cost control and Employees’ Schedules New Features

New features that save you time and money.

The new tools can make your working hours more efficient and helps you to get the right decisions about the working hours of your people.



Automatically installation of the employees’ names, and also the type of the deal, full-time (FT) or part-time (PT).

This extra information is useful for the days you are expecting to have a lot of work. Perhaps one of the key staff is on a sick-leave (S/L), or on holidays (H/D). In this case, you just add on the schedule the part-time employee whose suitable for the position.

Also, when you are organizing an event, you’ll need staff as an auxiliary role. By having available the information you need, you can get the right decisions.



The Info page automatically feeds the hourly cost of each employee.

This tool, combined with the calculation of the working hours, gives you a clear picture of the weekly cost per employee.

When you are doing the working shifts for the future weeks, you know, and you can manage on every step the cost.


Many different situations can occur during the course of a week. This can take you out of the planned working hours. For example, one of the staff gets ill and needs sick leave (S/L).



As you can see, once you write S/L instead of the working hours, the program changing the color of the box. With this feature, you can easily find out how many hours of sick leave every employee has, for payroll use. At the same time, you can manage the rotary by using part-time (PT) employees.

Final Thoughts

In this post, you have seen the new features of RestoMetrix™ Rotary and what makes it a great Working Shifts Management System.

The Rotary included with all its features in all the editions of the RestoMetrix™ Management System.

Take a look at the Essentials, Professional, and Premium versions. Get to know more about the benefits of using them.

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If You have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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