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by | Apr 5, 2021 | Domain Names

How to name your business to improve online success

That’s actually the question. The process to find the domain name of your business is the same as the process to choose your business name. We have work on it and we are giving you the absolute guide about the length, the Branding, and the Domain Name Extensions you may use.

By choosing a Domain Name, is similar to choose a company name. The Domain Name represents your company on the web. So ideally, the company name and Domain Name should be the same.

Let’s dive in. I have a new client who loves burgers. He can make dozens of different kinds of burgers with endless creativity.

Recently told me that he wants to open a burger spot. But also, he loves anything to do with coffee and cakes. He would like to have also, a coffee shop. Most importantly, he wants to make a unique place. He doesn’t want to open one more Steakhouse that sells coffee and desserts too. There are so many of those in every city.

Here comes his question.

“How can I combine the two passions? In other words, how can I have a Burger Spot and Coffee Shop in one place?

First of all, how to choose the Domain Name and branding direction.

To name it “Caffeine Burgering”, which that’s not a name, but it could be? I don’t know, I’m lost. Where I’m gonna go from here?”

Well, it’s so common, it’s the starting. We have this idea, we came up with all these things that we want to do but getting up with a business name is pretty scary. We don’t have where to start with.

So, where do we go from here? Let’s go deeper and figure out how to choose the Domain Name that will help us succeed.

Identify what does your Name to Convey

First of all, we want to identify what does our name to convey. For my client probably it’s gonna be quality, freshness, flavors, etc. Everything related to grilling, burgers, and coffee experience.

For you or others could be local traditional dishes, vegetarian recipes, or seafood.

When we are thinking about a name is where we want to stand for that. Our first thought.

Most importantly, we set a limited time on it. The first five ideas are usually the best. Work on it and try to find connections between them. Do not continue coming up with more ideas, because this could be endless. As more we are thinking about different words, the further we are moving away from the main target.

One way is to do combinations and shortcuts of the keywords that describe our vision.

Above all, don’t be afraid to create new words that they seem to have no meaning. Google. Instagram or YouTube are not words with some meaning. Usually, the names don’t mean anything specific. The most important is to be easily connected with your subject.

Make it Easy to Read and Type

Keep in mind that people from different backgrounds and countries will read and type your Domain Name. For your business online success, you should choose a name that is easy to spell. If you have to explain the spelling more than once for it to be understood, it’s too complicated!

Firstly, avoid using slang language. It’s not a good idea to use u instead of you, for instance. Probably many people will get confused.

Secondly, don’t use words with multiple spellings like express vs xpress. It might be harder for customers to find your site.

Another important point is the predictable words. For example, if your name is Myke and you want to make it part of your domain, such as, every single time people will mistype it as

The last thing you want is the potential customers to mistype your Domain Name and end up on a different website!

Keep Your Business Name as Short as Possible

Yes, I know. You’ll say that most of the short names are taken a long time ago and those are available cost a fortune. That’s true only for the words up to six characters long.

When we are talking about a short name, we mean those between 6 – 14 characters long.

The most common name length is 12 characters long but remember shorter is better.

Here comes your imagination that will help you to create a new word as we mentioned above. If this is difficult then use the domain extensions trick. We’ll talk about this clever trick in the next paragraph.

Use the Domain Name extension that fits

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss a few reasons why name extension is an important subject and how it will help you to find the Domain Name of your Business.

First of all the extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .info, at the end of a web address that has specific uses. So, make sure to choose one that works for your business.

Below you can see the most common extensions we are offering in RestoMetrix.

The .com extension is the most popular, but it’s difficult to find a short domain name with it because is been in use too much and for so long globally. For European companies, the best choice is the .eu extension. It’s very likely to get high ranks in Google search in all European countries. Besides, you can get it from RestoMetrix with a very good price of just 12,90€/year.

Probably you have listened around, or you have read from some “experts blogs” about the importance of using generic domain names based on your niche keywords. They say this will improve your SEO and the potential visitors will find you easily. That is true at some point. But as a result, you will end up with a name that is far from been brandable. Also, the generic names that are focusing on keywords, like, are not easily memorable for the average user.

“Now you make it even more difficult. I’m more confused”. Says my client. “Do you have any solution?”

Well, here comes the clever use of the Domain extensions. We offer plenty of them in RestoMetrix Domains, and for sure you’ll find the one that represents your niche. The generic top-level domains like .cafe, .pizza, .restaurant, .catering and etc, are great solution. For example the could be That’s shorter, easy to remember, and you can build a brand on the Florenso name. Moreover, you will jump over your countries borders by not using a country-based extension, like .it.

As you have seen, by using the correct Domain Extension .pizza we solved all the issues:

  • The Domain Name is the same as the company name, as a result, we can build a brand on it.
  • Our Domain Name is shorter. FlorensoPizza is 13 characters long but Florenso has only 8 characters.
  • We have the keyword pizza that is focusing on our niche.
  • We will get a high-ranking position (SEO) for everyone who searching online about pizza.
  • Our name is globally visible because we are not using a country-based extension.

By visiting the RestoMetrix Domains you’ll find all possible Domain Extensions for restaurants, cafes, catering, bars, and clubs.

If you want to focus on the local market you better choose a country or city-based Domain Extension.

In RestoMetrix, we are covering most of the European countries’ extensions and some city-based as well.

Now my client is happy because he has all the necessary information to choose the perfect Domain Name.

“Yes, now I know. I’ll call my business CaNeBu and my website will be Thanks a lot!!!”

Hmmm!!!??? Are you sure? Ok, if you like it…


Here comes some extra tips.

To protect your brand, and become more visible online, you better purchasing various domain extensions of your Domain Name.

Lock and Secure Your Domain Name with ID Protection

Your Domain Name is the most valuable online item you have. You better protect it properly because hijacking happening more often than you had imagined.

The ID Protection hides your private data and contact information associated with your Domain Name in the public WHOIS directory.

At the same time, you are protecting your Domain from accidental expiration and Domain hijacking. You’ll find the RestoMetrix ID Protection as an Add-On in the Cart section with every Domain purchase. It cost only 7,90€/year and it’s giving you high security.

With just a simple click you lock your Domain and protect your private data.

Don’t waste time and go-ahead

When you have decided which will be the name of your business, buy it immediately. The domains are selling fast. Probably you are not the only one on this planet with this idea.

In conclusion, you should have a Domain Name that is short, without misspelling or slang. Also, it has to focus on the Niche of your potential customers with the right extension. By using this guide you will find easier the Domain Name of your Business which will helps you succeed.

Just go and get it.

If you are looking for complete solutions about the online presence of your business, visit our Marketplace. There you will find Domain NamesWeb HostingWeb Design plansWeb SecuritySSL Certificates, and much more.

If You have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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